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The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course

The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course
The Perfect Smile Studios, 7/9 South Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1AZ
Multiple, hands-on days
Lecturers Dr Raul Doshi
8 hours verified CPD Price: £5927 more info

Occlusion is a fundamental area of dentistry and many problems and conditions are caused as result of malocclusion. There are a number of courses that deal with the subject of occlusion, with a range of different focuses. Whichever course you choose to opt with, you are likely to be under the guidance of some of the foremost dentists in this area.

Courses on dental occlusion cover a variety of different concepts and dental areas, ranging from orthodontics to dental technology and restorative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Courses educate dentists and dental technicians about new research concepts, new technology, devices and prosthetics, as well as educating dentists about recognising and dealing with problems related to occlusion and understanding the anatomical and scientific aspects of occlusion problems.

Courses vary in length and each course will probably be slightly different; it’s best to check with the course provider to check the precise details of the course and what will be involved before you go ahead and book a course. Many are suitable for both dentists and dental technicians but some may be more beneficial than others. Fees also vary according to which course you choose, and it is therefore advised that you check before you book.

The courses available are comprehensive and will give you good grounding for any future development or courses you may wish to undertake, in order to offer your patients a greater variety of treatments. Most courses combine practical sessions, which include hands-on exercises and interactive learning to develop and hone your skills when carrying out dental occlusion practices, with informative lectures and seminars which are designed to facilitate discussion and learning.

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