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There are currently a variety of dental sedation courses on offer. Such courses are great for dentists who wish to further their skills and the range of treatments they can offer to patients. It is also a chance for dentists who already have experience in dental sedation to learn of any new techniques and practices that may have entered this area of dentistry. A dental sedation course will also give you the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced clinicians in what is an expert area of dentistry.

Courses in dental sedation aim to provide dentists with a thorough understanding of pain management, theoretical knowledge about pain and sedation and understanding about anxiety, fear and extreme dental phobia. The courses offer a combination of practical experience and academic learning, so that you will develop necessary practical skills whilst learning about the scientific theories that underpin the practical procedures.

By the end of the course, dentists will be able to administer sedatives effectively and safely, carry out intravenous and inhalational sedative procedures and understand key theories relating to pain, anxiety and sedation. All courses teach dentists to practise in accordance with current guidelines in the UK. Dentists will take a variety of different modules, which will ensure they have a thorough grasp of the issues arising around sedation. Examples of modules include pharmacology, patient care, sedation techniques and anxiety and pain. You will also receive training in emergency medical care and resuscitation.

Over time you will develop essential practical skills and learn how to sedate people safely. You should check with the particular dental course you are hoping to attend for a full scope of course guidelines, and also to find out how long the course will run for and how regular seminars or lessons may be.

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