University of Glasgow Dental School

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Honours 5 year course (1st year entry)


UCAS course code A200, institution code G28

5 year (1st year entry) full time course integrating teaching in clinical biomedical science with early clinical experience and opportunities for intercalation and study abroad


Teaching is primarily ‘student-centred’ whereby students are personally responsible for their own learning. Students are encouraged to seek information for assignments and reflect on learning experiences. This will help students develop problem-solving skills that they will need for the rest of their dental career. Lectures provide core information that students will need to build on by further reading from other sources. Practical classes in the laboratories and small-group seminars and tutorials are other teaching methods used at Glasgow Dental School.

Course topics

The main themes of Clinical Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Dentistry and Patient Management / Health Promotion are taught throughout the five year course.

Clinical experience

Clinical Dentistry is taught in the state of the art clinical laboratories using simulated patient models before treating patients. There is also outreach teaching in clinics outside of the Dental School.


All students are assigned to a personal mentor for the duration of the BDS programme with whom students will formally meet with to discuss their work and progress, and with whom students can meet with at any other appropriate time if they need help or advice.

Students will have a personal portfolio which they will use for the length of the BDS course in order to monitor their progress and achievements and provide evidence that they are meeting specific learning targets. It will also give students the opportunity to reflect on work they have carried out.

Special features

At the end of third year of the BDS programme, selected students may be offered, at the discretion of the Faculty of Medicine, to study for a one-year intercalated Bachelor of Dental Science degree, BSc(DentSci), where students will study in depth a subject of their choice from the following: Anatomical Sciences, Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology and Physiology. Following successful completion of the intercalated degree, students will rejoin the BDS programme at year four.

In addition, at the discretion of the Faculty of Science, students may be admitted after the second year of the BDS programme to study for the Bachelor of Science degree, BSc. Students will be readmitted to rejoin the BDS course provided they resume their studies in the session immediately following that in which they completed or terminated their studies in the Faculty of Science.

For more details on intercalation, please see the institution website:

There is the opportunity for students to study abroad during the elective period at the end of year four. Students will study a topic of their choice, either in Glasgow or elsewhere. Many students take this opportunity to travel abroad, and the Dental School provides organisational and limited financial support.


Academic entry requirements

A levels: AAB grades must be achieved at A level with AA grades in Human Biology / Biology and Chemistry. General Studies is not acceptable as a third subject.

AS levels: A minimum of BBB grades at the first sitting in year 12 of AS is essential. A strong preference will be given to applicants with AS English.

Resit applicants are considered, however applicants must have previously applied to Glasgow and gain at least BBC at the first sitting of A2.

GCSEs: English at GCSE grade C is essential. Preference will be given to applicants gaining English, Mathematics and Science subjects at GCSE grade A.

Scottish Qualifications: AAAAB in five different subjects at Higher Level by the end of S6, with at least AABB at the first sitting in S5. Applicants are not considered for entry to Dentistry from S5. Must include Higher Human Biology / Biology at grade A (both acceptable) and Higher Chemistry at grade A, or grade B if Advanced Higher. Must also have Higher English and either Higher Mathematics or Higher Physics.

Strong preference will be given to applicants gaining English, Mathematics and Science subjects at Standard Grade -1 or Intermediate 2- A. Preference will be given to applicants with either Advanced Higher Chemistry or Advanced Higher Biology. Preference will be given to applicants with both Mathematics and Physics at Higher Level by the end of S6.

Students may wish to consider taking the following subjects if reasonably possible: Higher Human Biology rather than Higher Biology; Higher Arts, Art and Design, or Music which give an indication of manual dexterity; Higher Psychology is useful.

International Baccalaureate: A minimum of 34 points is required, with Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology at Higher Level.

UKCAT: All applicants must successfully sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). This test is taken in additional to A Levels / Highers and is an additional selection tool for screening UCAS applicants.

For more details and other accepted entry qualifications, please see the institution website or refer to UCAS:

General entry requirements

Work experience: A minimum of 3 days and maximum of 14 days work-shadowing experience at a General Dental Practice must be undertaken by all applicants. Candidates should provide evidence of an interest in dentistry and an understanding of what a career in dentistry will involve.

Personal qualities: Applicants should have a caring nature, the ability to show empathy and be trustworthy. Excellent communication skills are necessary.

Manual dexterity: Candidates should show evidence of manual dexterity through non-academic interests and extra-curricular activities which should be detailed in the personal statement. Students should also show evidence of creativity and spatial awareness.

Non-academic interests: Applicants must have participated in some form of extra-curricular activity both within and outside of the school. These activities should demonstrate the ability to work in a team and show leadership skills, as well the ability to analyse information and problem-solve.

Health screening: All students must undergo a blood test to screen for Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs). Students should provide satisfactory evidence of non-infectivity to Hepatitis B (ie that they are Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) negative). Students must complete a full course of immunisation against the Hepatitis B, which can take up to 9 months. In addition, all students must be screened for Hepatitis C and must provide evidence of non-infectivity to the Hepatitis C Virus.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) enhanced disclosure: Prior to enrolment, all students will be required to undertake a Criminal Convictions check.


Candidates must apply via UCAS. The application must include a personal statement detailing reasons for choosing dentistry and any supporting information such as team or leadership experience. The application will also include a school or college reference. Applications must be received from UCAS in the period from mid September to October 15. Applications are not normally considered after October 15.

Applicants will be selected based on their academic qualifications and supporting information from the UCAS statement and referees statement. Excellent candidates will be invited to submit an Admissions Portfolio and attend for interview. Applicants who do not submit a portfolio will not be invited to interview; the portfolio must be hand written, not word-processed.


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