UCLAN School of Dentistry

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Honours 4 year course (graduate entry)


UCAS course code A202, institution code C30

The four year programme at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) School of Dentistry is specifically designed for graduates.


Teaching is based on Problem-Based Learning, which is designed to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge throughout the programme and to avoid compartmentalisation of knowledge.

Course topics

In year one, students are introduced to oral science and medicine including anatomy, behavioural science, communication skills, basic radiology, health education, and dental materials.

In year two, topics of restorative dentistry and paediatric dentistry including an introduction to orthodontics are studied, as well as further developing knowledge in oral science and medicine.

In year three, restorative dentistry is further studied, as well study of oral disease and pathology, oral medicine and surgery, applied radiology, scientific appraisal and law and ethics. Students will also carry out an elective project.

In year four, students will gain knowledge and understanding in Medical A&E, craniofacial anamolies, maxillo-facial surgery, implantology and dental public health.

Clinical experience

In year one, students are based in the Preston campus, and will begin developing clinical skills in the simulator laboratory and clinical teaching unit. Students will develop skills including preventative techniques, fillings, oral examination, injections, extractions, and dental technology. There is limited clinical experience in year one.

From year 2, students will be based at one of four Dental Education Centres (DECs) located in Accrington, Blackpool, Carlisle, and Morecambe bay. Here, students will begin to treat patients in the multidisciplinary clinics whilst continuing to develop their dental knowledge. Students will begin treating simple cases and carry out procedures such as scaling, routing fillings, simple dentures and paediatric cases, as well as preventative treatment and advice such as Oral Hygiene. Students will also further develop clinical skills on the dental simulators, learning techniques for endodontics, crowns, veneers, flap design and suturing.

In year 3, students will develop skills in advanced restorative dentistry and bridge and complex denture techniques on dental simulators. During years 3 and 4, students will attend clinical attachments to local hospitals and specialist centres as well as further developing their dental experience in training practices, including orthodontics, minor oral surgery oral medicine, sedation, and general anaesthesia. In year 4, students will continue dental care of patients consolidating clinical practice and knowledge developed from years 1,2 and 3.


Formal examinations take place at the end of the 1st/2nd year, and a final examination at the end of year 4. The development of clinical skills is assessed by a record of grades for clinical work, as well as a reflective logbook.


Academic entry requirements

Degree: Candidates must possess a minimum Upper Second Class degree in a Biomedical Science degree, or a MBChB.

A levels: 3 A levels at grade C or above, 2 of which must be Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology are acceptable). One of the Sciences must be either Biology or Chemistry, with the subject not offered at A level being offered at AS level at grade B or above.

GCSEs: Candidates should have good performance at either A levels (i.e. minimum 2 A grades) or GCSEs (minimum 5 A/A* grades). All candidates must offer GCSE Maths and English Language at grade C or higher.

English Language: If English is not the first language, candidates are required to achieve an International English Language Testing Score (IELTS) of 7.0 with no less than 7.0 in each component.

General entry requirements

Work experience: It is essential for all potential candidates to have spent some time observing dentists at work and have gained an insight and understanding into dentistry. It is beneficial to have at least one year’s work experience, although this is not essential.

Manual dexterity: Applicants should have a good degree of manual dexterity, although this will not be formally assessed at application.


Only applications from graduates will be considered.

Only applications from Home / EU candidates may apply. Applicants from Cumbria and Lancashire are particularly welcome.

All applications to UCLAN School of Dentistry for the BDS degree must be made through UCAS by 15 October. Applicants may apply to up to four dental or medical schools. Please note, applicants may apply for either but not both this course (A202) at UCLAN and the Graduate Entry course at Liverpool University (A201) as these courses are mutually exclusive.


University of Central Lancashire
United Kingdom

Email: cequiries@uclan.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1772 201 201



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