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The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course

The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course
The Perfect Smile Studios, 7/9 South Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1AZ
Multiple, hands-on days
Lecturers Dr Raul Doshi
8 hours verified CPD Price: £5927 more info

Cosmetic dentistry courses are focused on learning about modern cosmetic treatments, applying theory to practice and learning to carry out cosmetic procedures safely and effectively, learning about current research projects in the field of cosmetic dentistry and developing independent thought on the subject of cosmetic dentistry. By attending a cosmetic dentistry course you will be providing a major boost for your dental practice, by being able to offer a greater selection of cosmetic treatments that will no doubt boost profitability.

The course is aimed to allow dentists to develop their practical skills as they learn more about the theoretical approaches to cosmetic dentistry. As this field is advancing rapidly and constantly evolving the contents of the courses are changing each year so it is a good idea to contact the course instructors for details before you choose which one to apply for.

Aesthetic restoration form a major part of cosmetic dentistry and you will therefore learn of some of the most popular treatments in private practice, including the likes of crowns and veneers. There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is big business in the dentistry world and it is therefore essential that you learn of such treatments to boost the functionality of your dental practice.

Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly popular, with millions of patients opting for cosmetic treatments across the world. Completing a dental course in cosmetic dentistry allows dentists to develop the necessary skills and practical expertise to offer patients the best possible care and also equips dentists with the proficiency to master new treatments. The duration of the course, cost and regularity of classes and seminars will differ according to which course you wish to attend. What’s more, you will need to book your place soon as they are immensely popular and places fill quickly.

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