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There are a number of dental courses in implant dentistry available in the UK, and you may find that some are known as implant dentistry while others fall under the name of dental implantology. For the vast majority, the components of the course will remain much the same and you can be rest assured that you will be learning from some of the most experienced dentists in what is an expert area. The length of a dental implant course will vary, as will the regularity of classes or seminars. You will need to research each course in order to ascertain such important information, and book your place as early as possible to ensure your enrolment.

All courses combine academic study with practical work experience and are committed to equipping dentists with the practical skills they need to practise effectively in the future. Dentists will learn about the scientific background behind implantology, current research in the field and the correct implant techniques.

As the course develops you will move on from theoretical understandings to basic cases, and then onto more advanced dental implant cases as your skills and confidence develop. The medical approach to dental implant treatment will form a key part of the course, as will the very first starting point of dental implant treatment in discovering whether or not a patient is suitable for treatment.

You will learn how to carry out single unit implants and cases in which more are needed, all of which you will be taught to deliver in the safest and most clinical manner. During your study you will be advised by some of the leading clinicians in dental implantology, and will be closely monitored in terms of your development. By attending a dental implant course you will be able to offer your patients a greater range of treatments, and discover an improved level of job satisfaction.

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