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The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course

The Perfect Smile Comprehensive 7 Day Hands-on course
The Perfect Smile Studios, 7/9 South Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1AZ
Multiple, hands-on days
Lecturers Dr Raul Doshi
8 hours verified CPD Price: £5927 more info

Dental practice management courses are designed to help practice managers expand their skills and learn about the key concepts behind running a successful dental practice. In the modern day arena where private practices are often competing for business, it is essential to set yourself from other practices by making the most of your unique practice and selling point. Managing a dental practice involves many different elements and consequently the courses in dental practice management involves a broad range of modules, which cover areas including finance, leadership and management training, communication skills, understanding the different roles and responsibilities of the team of dental professionals and clinical legislation and governance.

Whichever dental practice management course you decide to choose the aim will be to make sure managers have all the necessary skills to run their dental practice effectively. The length and running of the course will depend on which one you choose, and it is therefore advised that you check with the particular course you wish to participate in. In modern dentistry it is not only the running of a dental practice that will decide the fate of your practice, but also customer care which is becoming more and more important in modern dentistry. This will also form a key area of any dental practice management course.

Courses are exclusively for those that are already acting in the role of practice manager. It is designed to further skills and understanding and take practice managers to the next level of management under the tutelage of some of the most experienced professionals in the area. By undertaking study through a dental practice management course you will be taking one step closer to a dental practice that is well run, built up of a team with the same goals and that makes customer care number one priority.

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