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The Six Month Smiles - Two Day Hands-On Seminar

The Six Month Smiles - Two Day Hands-On Seminar
16 hours verified CPD Price: $2450 more info

The Inman Aligner Hands-On course

The Inman Aligner Hands-On course
8 hours verified CPD Price: £645 & VAT more info

There are a number of courses available in the field of orthodontics, all of which will boost your skills and the profitability of your dental practice. Orthodontics is a popular area of modern dentistry and there are a range of orthodontic treatments in the market for dentists to choose from, to deliver to their patients, including the likes of Invisalign, the Inman Aligner and Six-Month Smiles, as well as conventional treatments like fixed braces.

Dental courses in orthodontics offer dentists the practical facilities to develop their skills and techniques, as well as learning resources to develop knowledge, learn about theoretical approaches and keep abreast of current developments in orthodontics. Courses combine academic study with practical workshops, and working in professional environments and are committed to keeping up with new treatments and current research projects. Modules are designed to cover all aspects of orthodontic dentistry, but for treatments like Invisalign it may be necessary to attend a course solely for that treatment.

The field of orthodontics is constantly evolving and it is important that dentists are equipped to offer patients the latest treatments. They must master the necessary skills and understand the theory behind the practice of applying and monitoring braces treatment. Courses include a mixture of training programmes, seminars and clinical practice, and you will be under the tutelage of some of the most expert dentists in this area. Content varies according to the course you choose, and you should therefore consult with the organiser of the course you wish to attend.

A dentistry course in orthodontics is a great opportunity for dentists to expand the productivity of their business by offering what is a large money making area of dentistry. It will bring new patients to your practice “ who may otherwise have gone elsewhere ” and will increase the range of treatments you are able to offer, thus boosting your sense of worth.

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