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Dr Gary Unterbrink

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Dr Gary Unterbrink has been in private practice in Germany and is the technical consultant for Vivadent as well as being the director of clinical research with Ivolcar Vivadent. He then went on to become the director of professional services, again with Ivoclar Vivadent. He now maintains a private practice in Liechtenstien. Gary has delivered lectures in more than 60 countries all over the world and has numerous publications to his credit.

- 1975: “Bachelor of Science: Biology” and 1978 “Doctor of Dental Surgery”, Ohio State University

- until 1982: Captain, US Army Dental Corp.,Germany

- until 1985: Private Practice: Regensburg, Germany and instructor: Dental Anatomy for Technicians

- 1986: Public Health Clinic: Feldkirch, Austria

- 1987-89 Private Practice: Schaan Liechtenstein

- 1987- 89: started as technical consultant for Ivoclar Vivadent,

- 1988-89 Head of Product Management - Vivadent

- 1990-96 Director of Clinical Research and In-Vitro Laboratory Ivoclar Vivadent

- 1997-2000 Vivadent professional Service: Scientific Communication

- 2000-2001 Director of PFS Ivoclar Vivadent

Now private practice in Triesen, Liechtenstein. Lectures all over the world. Wrote 16 publications and articles.

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