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Dr Laura Frost received her DDS in dentistry from UNOESTE, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1993 and since then she has been building her expertise and reputation in the specialist area of Orthodontics.
During this time she has developed her expertise across a wide range of orthodontic specialty areas including removable orthopaedic appliances, fixed braces and lingual orthodontics (hidden braces).
In 1998 following a period of study, research and clinical practice she graduated from UNICAMP, one of the most respected universities in Brazil, with a specialist qualification in Orthodontics. During this period she studied and researched Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics, as well as Orthopaedics of the Jaws and the Neuro-Occusal Rehabilitation.
In addition, she has extensive training in Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction and its treatment, as well as its relation to the occlusion. This was during 7 years of postgraduate training at the Celso Pierro Hospital in Campinas, Sao Paulo, where she also worked as a lecturer in Oral Anatomy and Physiology for laboratory technicians.
In 1999 she completed her Lingual Orthodontics training in Paris and has since then been involved extensively with the treatment of adult patients. She has been actively involved in the specialist laboratory procedures required for Lingual Orthodontics including training lab technicians.
Laura has lectured at numerous scientific conferences internationally and has been involved in the training of orthodontists. She was a co-founder of the Brazilian Association of Lingual Orthodontics and formerly the Vice President. She is also a co-founder and committee member of the British Lingual Orthodontics Association.
Laura has been living in the UK since 2001 and has recently joined the team at the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry.

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