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The work of a dental technician is extremely varied and can involve working in a number of different settings. Dental technology requires a great level of manual dexterity and creativity, as well as a sound grasp of science, technology and general dentistry; the courses available aim to further improve these skills. The courses will combine practical workshops, where technicians will practice the hands-on side of the role, with academic study, which will provide the scientific foundation.

There are a number of courses you can take to further your knowledge and gain expertise in certain areas. All dental technicians must now complete 5 years of continuous professional development training. During this period of time, dental technicians may also wish to attend courses on specific areas of their role such as these available, including update courses to allow technicians to get to grips with new treatments and dental instruments and devices, programmes on the legal and professional practice side of the job, health and safety and courses on prosthetics, laboratory machines and technology.

Most courses last for a day and include a number of different sessions which cover all aspects of the course subject. Some may cover general topics, such as health and safety, for example, while others may be solely focused on one particular treatment or piece of technology. Some courses can be lengthier and offer more of an in-depth look at some of the specific areas. Dependent on what it is you want to gain from attending a course, you should contact the course provider for specific details. Prices for each individual course will also differ according to their structure and the level of experience of the tutor who will be guiding you during the course.

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