Oralift and the Dental Facelift

Facial Rejuvenation Dentistry


12 CPD Price: £600 Venue: Academy of Clinical Excellence 13-14 Navigation Court Calder Park Wakefield WF2 7BJ

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Seminar information:- In these seminars Dr. Nick Mohindra will demonstrate how facial rejuvenation through dentistry has an anti aging effect. He will cover how to recognize the signs of facial ageing and how to assess which patients might benefit from facial rejuvenation through dentistry and consider the aesthetic problems faced by many denture patients and those patients with tooth wear, who are unhappy with their teeth. He will illustrate these with case histories. He will also show how dentists can deliver facial transformations by examining a number of case studies he has treated over a number of years with his Dentalfacelift technique for both edentulous and dentate patients. Some of these cases will show how patients for whom previously the only treatment option was maxillo facial or cosmetic surgery have found another option with Dentalfacelift and Oralift facial rejuvenation. He will look at the principles of smile design and show dentists how the smile window can be changed. Dr. Mohindra will illustrate the use of the Oralift appliance, which is about to undergo clinical trials. The majority of patients using this appliance have reported benefits and improvements to their skin and facial features. Dr. Mohindra will show how other dentists interested in facial rejuvenation can introduce Oralift and the Dentalfacelift procedures to their practices. After the seminar, you will learn which patients to treat and which to refer for treatment. Topics Covered:- > How to establish the vertical dimention. > How to avoid speech problems when increasing vertical dimension. > How to achieve zero bleeding index. > Smile design. > Tooth wear and introduction to full mouth reconstruction. > How to stop patient's parafunctioning. > Introduction to Added Dimension Dentures. > Signs of facial ageing - when they appear - how to treat. > Changing the smile window. > Smile classification. > Oralift facial rejuvenation - hands on experience. > Marketing. > Photographing the face.

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